Super Slide

You just can't beat the free-flowing fun of the Super Slide!

Children never get tired of sliding, and our multi-coloured, fibreglass Super Slide is the biggest of them all. Combining excitement, wide appeal and high throughput; super slides cannot be beaten for performance and safety. Specially designed woollen Sliding Mats are provided, ensuring maximum comfort and safety. No fete, fair or Fun Day is complete without the free flowing fun of the Super Slide.

The Super Slide is available for hire throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and Northern Rivers NSW. Contact Jubilee Entertainment for a quote on the Super Slide today.


Category - Family Fun Ride

Height Restrictions - Riders must be 100cms in height to ride alone. Children 80-100cm may ride when accompanied by an adult 16+ years of age.

Throughput - 200 riders per hour

Space Required - 8m in width by 35m in length, on relatively level ground.

Power - A generator is supplied with the ride, covering all power requirements.

Lighting - Lighting supplied as standard at evening events.

Access - Body truck access required to site. The vehicle is 4.2m high by 2.5m wide and has a total weight of over 8 tonne.

Weather - Due to safety issues, the Super Slide cannot operate during inclement weather conditions including drizzle/light/heavy rain, extremely high winds, and storms.

Ride Operations

Financials - Available on either a Profit Share or Flat-rate Hire format.

Size Restrictions - Please note that due to the restricted design of the seats, some guests of extreme size may be unable to ride.

General Safety - Riders must ensure all personal belongings (mobile phone, bags etc) and articles of clothing (shoes, caps) do not dislodge during the course of the ride.

Medical Restrictions - Prohibited for guests with back or neck trouble; heart trouble or high blood pressure; and expectant mothers.

Public Liability Insurance - The Super Slide ride is fully covered by $20 Million Public Liability Insurance.

Workplace Health and Safety - The Super Slide is registered with Queensland Workplace Health and Safety, which is recognised nationally.

Engineer Inspections - The Super Slide is annually inspected by a certified Structural Engineer, and is thoroughly serviced/maintained by full-time maintenance staff.

Amusement Ride Log Books - Each amusement ride's Log Book remains with the device at all times, and may be inspected with prior notice.

Ride Rules

  • No food or drinks allowed.
  • Do not jump the line.
  • Walk to and from the ride - do not run.
  • Observe age, height and weight requirements.
  • Follow instructions of ride operator.
  • Do not force a child to ride if he/she is scared.
  • Keep hands, legs and head inside the ride at all times.
  • Slide feet first and lean forward with hands on knees.
  • Riders should expect rapidly changing forces. Physically or mentally challenged guests, expectant mothers, and those with health conditons may not find this attraction suitable or may not be permitted to ride.

amusement ride height safety sign