Amusement Rides for Hire Brisbane

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Jubilee offers the biggest range of first-class amusement rides for hire in Brisbane featuring the Hurricane, Dodgems, Round Up, Storm, Whirlwind, Bat Tower & much more!


Take up the challenge of our interactive attractions including Laser Skirmish, Rock Climbing Wall, Bumper Balls, the four-player Gladiator Joust & more!


Step right up and try your luck on our classic Sideshow Games. Laughing Clowns and Lucky Ducks add to the carnival amosphere at all types of special events!


Treat your sweet-tooth to some of our delicious Carnival delights. Fairy Floss on a stick, Popcorn and icy-cool Snow Cones add Flair to every Fair.


Fireworks, Face Painting, Food Stalls, Stage Hire and more. A wide range of associated festival products and services can be included as part of our package.


Check out our Amusement Ride height restrictions and general operational safety guidelines for all fairground attractions available for hire

Amusement Rides For Hire

Jubilee Entertainment is a leading supplier of carnival rides and attractions in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Northern Rivers NSW and Sydney. Since 1996, we have had great pleasure in providing the very best amusement rides for hire in a safe, reliable and professional manner. If your organisation is planning a special event, we have the widest range and the very best prices. Spectacular thrill rides, classic carnival attractions, children's fairground entertainment - with over 20 years experience in the amusement industry, our customer service, and reputation for quality in the best in the business.

amusement rides for hire

We cater for all types of special events including:

  • Fetes
  • Fairs
  • Fun Days
  • Carnivals
  • Festivals
  • Company Picnics
  • Christmas Parties
  • Corporate Promotions
  • Sporting Presentations

From the largest Community Festival, to the smallest Sporting Break-Up, we will ensure your next special event is an occasion to remember.

New, Exciting, Different!

whirlwind rideWe guarantee the very latest designs, in new or near-new condition. Not only do we have the widest range, and the best prices; many of our amusement rides for hire in Brisbane are exclusive to Jubilee. Looking for something new, exciting and different to keep the kids entertained? You can't go past the Bat Tower - a fabulous "Drop Ride" that's set new standards in high-flying fun. Our Whirlwind swing-ride features a unique hydraulic "lifting" action, brilliant lighting and a surging music system. "Batten down the hatches" for thrills and excitement on the Storm.

When it comes to inflatables, Jubilee cannot be beaten for class or quality. The Bumper Balls, Bounce Club Disco, Jungle Jive, Caveman Capers, Beach Party Bouncer and the Alien Laser Game are without doubt some of the best inflatable activity centres available for hire.

Take A Ride On The Wild Side!

Jubilee is the ultimate source of heart-pumping, full-throttle high-thrill attractions, amusement rides for hirethat are all guaranteed to have white-knuckle riders screaming - for more! If you have the need for speed, get taken to new heights in fun and excitement on the wild and wicked Round Up, howlin' Hurricane, awesome Miami Trip, soaring Paratrooper, crazy Cha Cha, bump'n thump'n Dodgems Cars, and the electrifying Storm.

Our family-friendly operation features clean, well-maintained, state-of-the-art amusement rides and attractions, operated by trained and competent supervisors. Spectacular flashing light and colour displays combine with the latest in music, to provide a thrilling carnival atmosphere and experience for all ages.

Attractions are available on either a low-cost Share of Profit arrangement, or no-cost Flat-Rate Hire format. Contact us now for full details.

Sideshow Games For Hire

sideshow games for hireStep right up - it's showtime!

No Fete, Fair, Festival or Fun Day is complete without the fun and excitement of the ever-popular Sideshow Games and attractions . Games of skill and chance have been enjoyed for generations, and enhance the festival atmosphere of all special events, with their classic carnival style.

Laughing Clowns and Lucky Ducks are traditional family favourites, where every player wins a prize.

Sideshow Games can be hired and operated on a "do-it-yourself" basis. Otherwise, at certain community events, Games may be provided on a Profit Sharing format.

Associated Event Services

Jubilee Entertainment not only supplies the very best amusement rides for hire in Brisbane, we can also offer a number of other industry related services. For those organisations holding Fetes, Fairs & Festivals, our fully qualified Graphic Art Department may be assistence. We can organise professionally designed promotional posters, advertising flyers - even special event websites!

The following Special Event Services are available from Jubilee, as part of our overall entertainment package:

  • Fireworks Displaysentertainers
  • Sideshow Games
  • Stage & Audio Hire
  • Clowns and Roving Performers
  • Face Painters
  • Fairy Floss
  • Snow Cones
  • Reptile Displays

We only deal with the most professional and reliable operators in the industry, which helps ensure your next special is an overwhelming success.

Fetes and Fairs

sideshow games for hireIt's all there on Fetes and Fairs!

The Fetes and Fairs website is your one-stop-shop for all community event management requirements. Check out the fabulous Fete Guide, which includes many pages full of tips & suggestions on how to Organise a School Fete or Fair.

Fetes and Fairs also features the most comprehensive Online Event Directory in the Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast region. List your fete, fair, festival, fun day or special event for all of South-East Queensland to see - free of charge!

Contact details for a wide range of Service Providers are also included such as Mobile Hot Food Vendors, Ice Cream Suppliers, Reptile and Wildlife Displays, ATM's, Skydivers, Coffee Vans, Sweet Stalls, Face Painters, Showbags and much more!

Amusement Ride Safety

Jubilee Entertainment is committed to providing the safest and most amusement rides for hireprofessionally operated amusement ride hire service in the business. All amusement rides for hire owned and operated by Jubilee Entertainment are rigorously serviced and maintained by full-time employees, who's role is to ensure our attractions are supplied in perfect working order.

Our entire range of mechanical and inflatable amusement devices, feature the latest in safety design and technology.

All mechanical amusement rides are annually inspected by fully-qualified structural and electrical engineers; registered nationally with Workplace Health and Safety; and covered by our $20 million Public Liability Insurance.

A comprehensive list of each attraction's height/age requirements is available on the Amusement Ride Safety page, along with a detailed Rider Safety description. Rider Height Requirement Signage is displayed at the front of all amusement devices whilst in operation.

All Jubilee Ride Supervisiors are fully trained and experienced in the operation of every amusement device they operate - from the smallest of Jumping Castles, to the largest of Slides.

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